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Free Starter Kit Case Study #1

Establishing Your Client-Based Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Client:  John Lafferty, the CFO Pro.
John is an outsourced CFO for small and mid-sized markets.

His website:


John has decided to use only audio testimonials on his site.  Not sure why since I created the Flash movies for all of them as you see below for Greg Wittstock.  Which do YOU think work best?  Audio?  Or Flash?.

Marketing Challenge:
How to create a powerful Unique Selling Proposition

John thought his clients were buying his financial expertise — his skill with numbers.  But when I interviewed 7 of John's clients and colleagues it became very clear that John's financial acumen was essentially the "ante-up" – to use a poker term.  Most prospects EXPECT that you will have the requisite skills to do your job.  The reason they actually BUY from you is often very different.  MOST people begin their marketing by selling their SKILLS — they list their certifications and years of experience.  But ask yourself this, "Is that really why YOU buy?"  I think it is something else.  With John we discovered there were three things that made people buy from John:

  1. Trust"If John told me the sun rose in the West, I would have to question all my beliefs, because John is such a straight arrow." (Did I mention that clients write the BEST marketing copy?)

  2. Clarity "John makes numbers come "alive." For the first time in my life I actually understand my business finances." (An interview with John explains why this is true.)

  3. Entrepreneurial "The easiest thing for a financial adviser to say is, "No, you cannot do that."  John thinks like an entrepreneur.  He tries to find a way to say "Yes!" (You will hear this in the interview below.)

Listen to this interview with one of John's clients, then return here to listen to John talk about what he learned in this process.

Click on the picture of Greg
to see the movie!



Now listen to this interview with John Lafferty to discover what he learned from doing these interviews with his clients.


Click on the picture of John
to see the movie!



(Answers below)

  1. What critical mistake do most people make when they try to define their USP?

  2. Who is the very best judge of your true Unique Selling Proposition and how can you discover what it is?

  3. Who writes the best marketing copy and how can you capture it?

  4. How can you create the very best motivational tapes you could ever have?

Answer Key:

  1. They list their credentials and experience.  They focus on WHAT they do not HOW they do it or the value it provides their customers.
  2. Your customers know your USP -- but you may well have to drag it out of them as you might not have established your value proposition with them before.
  3. Your customers write the best marketing copy with ease and power and when you hear it in their own voices it carries even more weight.
  4. Your customers.  Listen to your Raving Fan interviews just before you go on a sales call or pick up the phone to talk to a prospect. It will change your emotional state and help you sell.

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