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Welcome to Bill's "attic!"


This page is mostly just for fun. I say "mostly" because,  while the stuff below is not directly related to business, it can be strategically used for business.


On the other hand, why not just have some fun with the new tools you have learned to use?  Take a crack at some of these projects, they will make you tons of "family and friends points!"


About Bill Metcalf

Welcome to Bill's Attic but don't tell my marketing coach you found this page!

My Personal Mission: to help everyone tell stories that need to be told for themselves, their family, or their cause.

My marketing coach hates this page! He thinks this page is a "distraction," well, since you are reading this, you know that I don't agree with that!  But just so you (and my coach) don't think that this page is a waste of time from a business perspective . . . I submit that if you are going to learn how to record conversations and dig out stories for your business, that you could also do a couple of "special stories" as gifts for your best clients" that would connect you to them in a deeply emotional way unlike anything else you could do.

So when you check out the examples below for yourself, or your family, or your cause, also take a "business moment" to reflect on how you could provide these for your best clients — even if all you did was show them some examples!  Ok, enough excuses, here are some cool ideas for you to consider for "other uses" for what you learn here.

Click on the images or the blue links below to view the movies.  These are Flash Movies and require high speed Internet access and the latest version of Flash to be installed.  Stay tuned as we will have transcripts and MP3 audios for those who prefer to read or listen!

Favorite Family Stories

Cause Related

Multimedia Resumes

Mom's 1st Camping Trip! Grandpa's wild stories

You know those stories people love to tell during family gatherings? This is my Dad in Texas, telling my sisters in Ohio and Florida, and me in Illinois. about my Mom's 1st Camping Trip. This is told as only my Dad could tell it.  What favorite family stories are YOU about to lose?  Capture them now.


10 things every child with Autism wants you know

Ellen Notbohm, wrote this book.  I was preparing for my son Max's IEP meeting at his school.  I read this piece and was overwhelmed with emotion.  I tried to capture both my feelings and the essence of Ellen's words in this little flash movie that includes photos of my son Max. Share it with someone you know who needs to understand this challenging condition. 

Make your resume stand out from the crowd

Do you realize that most kids graduating from college today can expect to have as many as 20 full-time jobs during their working career?  The need for everyone to be able to market themselves, throughout their career, will be critical.  What better way to do that than to capture your success stories. Click on John's PDF resume here!

Got a Birthday or anniversary coming up?

Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary, 50th Birthday, or some such momentous occasion is coming up, and you ask yourself, "What can we possibly get them that will mean something that they don't already have, that they won't feel was too much or too little?" Give them the gift of irreplaceable memories!  Click on the move and keep a Kleenex handy!

Journeys of Faith - The Kari Olsen Story

Where are the stories that can uplift our spirits? The answer is that they exist all around us. Everywhere. I think it is time that our churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples; as well as our churches, schools and community centers learn to use these great tools to capture the wonderful everyday stories of faith that exist all around us.

Get job recommendations from CUSTOMERS!

We capture testimonials for businesses, but why not for You, Inc as well?  In other words, rather than the lame sort of recommendations people get to support their resumes, why not have someone interview the people who are part of your business life -- colleagues, customers, superiors -- about the value you bring.  Check out this one for John DeBrocke. Don't you want to hire him!

Capturing the stories of our Veterans

You don't need to wait for Tom Brokaw to call! You can capture your own wonderful stories of the "Great Generation" before they leave with their stories untold.  If you don't do it for them, or for you, do it for your own grandchildren.

Telling not-for-profit organization's story

Nobody can tell the story of your not-for-profit better than the very people who receive its benefits.  Listen to the story of the Haynes family. Few can resist a great story told by kids, and these can be done so cost effectively you can have many stories to tell.

Get recommendations from your BOSS to die for!

Everyone has lame recommendations letters from their Boss.  And MOST of them were written by the Job Seeker!  Not so with John DeBrocke.  Listen to this powerful interview. How does YOUR lame letter from your Boss stack up against this.  Who do YOU think will get the job!


Capture family trees through voices of kids

My son Jordan had to do a "Heritage Project" for school.  Rather than the normal boring stuff, we had him interview his grandpa over the phone to ask about his great grandpa.  Here is a little snippet of this 20 minute presentation.

Tell your child's story to your IEP committee

As we work with my son, Max, who has autism, we have captured his progress throughout the years.  Here is a bit of Max working with his trainers.  This video has helped family, friends, teachers, and administrators understand Max a little better.  It has been particularly valuable in his Individual Educational Program (IEP) meeting with our school district.

Get job recommendations from more CUSTOMERS!

Why stop with just ONE customer telling of your virtues?  As my Daddy used to say, "Even a blind hog can find an acorn some day!"  So don't let people think you are one dimensional.  Let them hear from at least 3 people.  Why do you think they always want 3 letters to go with your resume?

Capture great stories at your next family reunion

Got a big family reunion coming up? This little flash movie was created in a "flash!"  We used the "J2" method to capture the stories off of a cell phone.  The voicemails came to my email box.  I pulled them off, added the photos and some music and had a wonderful memory . . . just in time . . . Grandpa Webb died shortly after.

Autism & Giant Steps telling important stories

Autism is growing at an astonishing rate.  About 1 in every 100 children born today will be diagnosed with Autism.  This is a personal issue for me.  Because my 8 year-old son, Max, has autism.  This movie is about his school.  We are doing it for a fundraiser.  The voices you hear are parents, including me, sharing their stories via voicemail that was converted to this presentation.


Moving Beyond Resumes to the complete person!

You are more than just your resume.  Who you are as a complete person, can be as critical to your success as your business skill or experience.  Listen to "The Man Beyond the Resume" by clicking on the photos of John DeBrocke's family above.


Create a Mother's Day Present she'll Treasure!

I wonder if you have any ancient treasures laying around?  An old movie?  An old scrapbook?  In this case, we had an ancient phonograph record – a 78 rpm brittle scratched up mess.  But with a little sound sweetening it was enough to bring tears to my Mom's eyes when she heard the first chord.


Tourette's Syndrome Assn New Jersey Gets $1 Million




(Video Coming Soon)

Get my kid a music scholarship to college!

Ok, this is just bragging I know.  This is my son, Jordan, wowing the folks at his middle school concert as he plays his Sax.  We wanted to let the high school band teacher know he was coming.  When he is ready for college, we will have a video collage of his growth.  How could they resist this guy! :-) 

































































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