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A call for HELP!

On the first Tuesday of every month I host a 90 minute FREE teleconference call. 

We do two things basically . . .

First, I offer a little bit of new information on a particular topic. Second, I open the phone lines to take your questions. 

I am dedicated to helping you talk to your clients. Come join us!


Free Monthly Coaching Call

Register Below with just your name and email address!


Day: the FIRST Monday of every month.

Time:  2-3:30 pm Central time (Chicago, USA)


Sample USA time zones

3-4:30   pm EASTERN (New York City, Washington DC Miami)

2-3:30   pm CENTRAL (Chicago, St Louis, Dallas)

1-2:30   pm MOUNTAIN (Denver. Phoenix, Salt Lake City)

12-1:30 pm PACIFIC (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle)

International Time Zones!

8-9:30 pm London, United Kingdom

9-10:30 pm Paris, France, Berlin, Germany

5-6:30 AM Wednesday -- Sydney, Australia

7-8:30 AM Wednesday -- Auckland, New Zealand

Register  by clicking on the button below!

Note -- the monthly call is free! You will see the shopping cart says ZERO.

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