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"They like me.  They really really like me!"

I am not sure that Sally Fields will ever live down her Oscar acceptance "gushing" on national television.  But there is something so compelling about hearing your own clients sing your praises.

So that is what you will hear in these case studies -- my clients sharing what they found valuable about working with me. Remember these are my Raving Fans.  If you want to hear me interviewing Raving Fans to create case studies, visit Bill's Client Showcase.



Bill's Raving Fans Listen to these interviews – not just to learn why people love Bill's work – but to observe what Raving Fan interviews sound like! (see questions in left margin)

Just click on any photo to see or hear more.

John Corr
International Consultant to Major CEOs
Vickie Sullivan
National Branding Expert
Tom Conway
Technology Service Provider
John Lafferty
The CFO Pro
Business Consultant
Robin Robins
Technology Marketing Expert
Tim Shoemaker
Tech Service Provider
Vickie Sullivan
Branding Expert
(Take Two)
1 Year Later
Robert Middleton
Marketing Expert
Carol Chanel
Personal Relationship Coach
Larry Hake
VP Sales
Sean D'Souza
Customer "Brain" Expert
Jim Muehlhausen
CEO Business Coach
Linda Lynch
Tech Service
Mike Waller
Candy Gellineau
Success Coach
Erin Feree
Graphics & Web Designer
Chris Everett
Financial Planner
Phil Hill
Education Technology
Kathy Mallary
Business Coach
Teri Bowen
Pete Christman
Investment Banker


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