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But can Bill help me?

This page reveals the types of professionals who have benefited most from Bill's work in the past.  Of course, when it comes right down to it, can you think of anyone in any kind of business who does not need to better understand what their customers value? 

Can you think of anyone in any business who does not need powerful testimonials, great referrals or better "word of mouth" for their products and services?  Neither can I.

So while this site clearly focuses on entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and professional, when you visit the "Showcase Page" you will discover other large companies who have benefited from Raving Fan Testimonials.


Is this you?   Who Benefits Most From More & Better Clients' Products and Services


We help entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, and coaches harvest the value of their richest resource -- their own customers.

Most of our clients have some difficulty establishing the value of the services they sell, so that they can close sales more easily, charge premium rates for their services, gather powerful testimonials, and turn their Raving Fans into Evangelists who help them grow their businesses.

Most of our clients actually hate sales and marketing. They are looking for new ways to market that attract new prospects to them, rather than having to chase them down through cold calling. And, by the time a prospect calls upon our clients, they want them to already be pre-disposed to buy without fee resistance.

Most of our clients can speak quite easily to their customers while delivering their services. But most of them find it painfully difficult to ask these same customers what they think of our client. The phrase -- "What do YOU think of ME?" -- nearly paralyzes them.

They also find it difficult to establish the "hard dollar" value of their services, which, in turn, leads to fee resistance on BOTH sides of the sale. While our client's customers experience fee resistance over higher fees, our clients, themselves, experience their own internal fee resistance. This often keeps them stuck at lower fee levels than the quality of their services deserve. Hence, they cannot move their business to the next level.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  You get most of your business through referrals, but you do not get ENOUGH referrals to take you to the next level. Your customers love your work, but they are passive when it comes to helping you to grow your business.

  You can make great sales presentations and proposals, but . . .  these time-consuming proposals often get "stuck in the pipeline," or get shot down by someone you never even get a chance to meet.

  You do incredible work for your customers and they truly love you, but you only have a few weak testimonials that sound like everyone else's. "Oh, you oughta hire Joe, he's great!"

  Your testimonials just don't clearly define the value you provide, nor do they set you apart in the marketplace. Hence your marketing attempts have failed to produce enough customers.

  You are a great service provider, but . . .  when it comes to closing a sales presentation you feel awkward and unsure of yourself. You hate the "selling game" and you know you just aren't very good at it.

  You KNOW that you are truly different from other service providers, but . . . you find it nearly impossible to come up with marketing copy that distinguishes you in the marketplace. Your marketing seems too much like the "other guy's." You know you need to define your "Unique Selling Proposition," but you cannot get "outside yourself" enough to figure out what it is.

  You charge higher fees than many of your competitors and your customers KNOW you are truly worth every cent, but . . . you often encounter fee resistance from new prospects. It's the old "Catch 22'  — they can't understand your value until they work with you  — but they can't work with you unless they understand your value enough to buy in the first place. And THAT is killing your sales.

  You KNOW you deserve higher fees than you currently command, but . . . you fear raising your fees because you will lose business to competitors, even though those competitors are NOT as good as you.

If any of these scenarios sound like you, then the information on this site can help you.

Our clients generally fall into one of the following four categories:
Consultants & Trainers
Technical Service Providers
Business and Personal Coaches
Professional Services

Who is most often successful using More & Better Clients' Strategies?

Much like anything else worth doing that produces results, the strategies on this site will not work unless you are willing to commit yourself. While we believe that anyone can learn to do these strategies, we also know that not everyone is up to this challenge. If you share the following traits in common with our most successful clients, then your chances of success are incredibly high.

  You truly offer clients high value services You are probably one of the best in your field, or at least in your local marketplace.

  You know your "stuff" You may not yet be a nationally known, or even regionally known, expert in your field, but you clearly have mastered what you sell.

  Your goals for your clients extend beyond what your services you provide for them directly. You see a bigger picture for your clients, and your goal is to help them achieve that success.

  You are not satisfied with the status quo, you always want to extend the boundaries of what you do and how you might help your clients. You do not stand still in your business. You are constantly learning and growing.

  You believe that your CUSTOMERS are the most important asset in your business. You are willing to talk to them, listen to them, invest time in them, and grow with them.

  You are willing to listen to constructive criticism from your clients and take action to continually improve your services to them. You are totally committed to a win-win-win philosophy with your customers. For there to be real success in your business: Your clients must win. Their customers must win. And you must win

  And most importantly, you are willing to TAKE ACTION on all you learn to do on this site. It is not enough to KNOW, you must ACT for anything you learn here to help you.

If you possess the traits described above, then you can be successful implementing the strategies on this site.

Where to next?
Just who is the Bill Metcalf anyway?

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(Note: If you have not yet visited the Showcase Page, you might want to stop by there first, so you can see what these kinds of interviews might sound like from a client like yours. Then go see who Bill Metcalf is. You will learn a lot about him by hearing him interview clients. Click here to visit the Raving Fan Showcase


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