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Turn your "raw" interview into gold with some strategic sound editing!

Getting the story is only the first part of this process.  You want people to HEAR the story as well.  That will require some careful editing!




Sound Editing  

Now that you have your powerful interview -- be sure you leverage the value of that interview to bring you new sales!

Here is what we will do with your interview:

  • Carve out "The David" in your block of marble. -- Like Michelangelo, we will dig out the most important parts of your interview.  Often we will re-arrange the interview so that the best stuff comes early to grab the interest of the listener, but we will also make sure it finishes strong to help you close.

  • "De-ummify" the conversation.  We go in and surgically remove all the umms, ahhs, and awkward pauses so that we all sound more intelligent than we are.

  • Pick up the pace.  In some cases, where people speak in a very halting style, we actually go in and laser out those gaps in their conversation to "pick up the pace" so the interview flows better.

  • Fix mistakes.  Sometimes people misspeak.  In some cases we can fix that.  Did they drop an "s" from from the end of a word?  Did they use the wrong pronoun?  If they said it elsewhere in the interview, we can grab that and replace it.  We can't fix everything, but we try our best.

  • WHY do we do this?  We want your Raving Fan to be proud of the interview and make them look intelligent and articulate.  NO ONE has EVER complained that we made them sound better than they actually were!

  • Finally, we will use high-end sound editing software to clean up background noise, hum, and other nasty stuff that we often encounter when recording over the phone.  It will never sound as good as a studio, as that would defeat the purpose.  We WANT these interviews to sound like informal phone calls.  But we also want them to be comfortable to listen to.

Here is what we produce from your interview:

  • Your full-length case study.  This may run quite long from "testimonial standards."  That is because it is NOT a testimonial.  It is a full-length "success story" to be hosted on your "Client Showcase Page" on your website, or put onto a CD you can share.
  • Your personal testimonial sound bites.  Ah!  Here is the short stuff you want for helping to move prospects forward in the sale process.  These are focused on what YOU are like to work with. These sound bites are normally 30-120 seconds.  You can use them in several ways:

  • On your Home Page.

  • On your About Us Page

  • In email attachments to help secure sales appointments

  • In email attachments to follow-up sales calls to close business.

  • Your "product or service" testimonial sound bites. Again these are short 30-120 seconds or so.  They focus on a specific product or service you sell. You can use them in several ways:

  • On your individual product/service sales pages

  • In email attachments to help get an appointment

  • In email attachments to follow-up a sales call to close business.

How do you get started? 
Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below, complete the form, and then we will contact you.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  

You don't like our work, we refund your money.  It is that simple.

Bill Metcalf



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