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Beyond Raving Fan interviews!

I do love to create marketing materials.  You will find many different kinds of examples of my work from video creation to creating "Bio's That Sell," to helping a Realtor© sell a house for a million bucks!


Consulting Projects Showcase   Do you suffer from "unconscious incompetence," i.e. "You don't know, what you don't know?"  This page will inspire you to create new marketing you haven't even thought of yet.

Beyond just interviewing clients and capturing success stories, you may also want to create other sorts of marketing pieces.  Check out some of the samples below.  I can help you create these for yourself.


Better than just a boring "About Us" biography!

Watch these interviews.  Some are full-motion videotaped interviews.  Others are telephone interviews supported by a graphic Flash movie.

Service or Product Demos

Some products or services need more explanation than others.  Two of these are narrated stories with graphics, while the other 3 are full motion video.

How your "biography" can set you apart from the competition!

Most "About Us" biographies are simply lists of accomplishments.  They tell us WHAT you did in the past.  But they do not help us understand how that past experience enables you to do what you do today so masterfully.  Watch this full motion video of John Lafferty, the CFO Pro, and find out why he is able to make "numbers come alive."

A software demo that sells and informs!

Most software demos are dreadfully boring.  Furthermore, they only sell the features of the software rather than focusing on the value it provides. This narrated program does demo the software eventually, but only AFTER it positions the pain the software addresses.  Hook 'em with the PAIN, then give your solution! 

The cure for being "just another coach!"

Personal Coaching appears to have become the career du jour. Everybody seems to be getting into this burgeoning profession. So the question becomes: "How can you set yourself apart from the crowd?" The answer lies in "harvesting" the knowledge you have gained from your own career and positioning that background.

$80 Million in children's books went to needy kids!

Problem:  A publisher gets bought out and you have $80 million dollars worth of great children's books to liquidate.  Do we sell them piecemeal to "dollar stores" or is there some way to get these books into the hands of children who would love them.  This video made that happen.  Truly a happy ending.  And it was shot with a home movie camera and the high paid extras were neighbor kids! 

Telling your story to connect with prospects

Mike Waller wanted to go into business for himself. He explored the franchise route and found a company to help him make that decision: The Entrepreneur’s Source. He loved the process so much, that he bought an Entrepreneur’s Source franchise. Listen to Mike tell his own story, is the kind of person you would want to work with? 

Realtor® finds a new to stand out from the crowd.

She was a young Realtor® going up against the "big guy" Realtors® who had a long history in the community. When the homeowner asked Bethanny what she would do to market his house, she played this movie. The result? She got the biggest listing she had ever had and the house sold in 3 days for nearly $1 million dollars!

How can a "little guy" compete w/Big Boys?

Suppose You run a local store in the very competitive market of computer sales and service. How can you compete with the BIG stores and online vendors? How can you position yourself so that people will have faith in you to serve their needs? Learn how this bright immigrant entrepreneur, who graduated number one in his class at the Russian equivalent of our MIT, positioned himself for success against all odds.

Airways Systems – Aligning with Your Target Market

AirwaysSystems is an old fashioned company in the best sense of the word: dependable, honest, and hardworking.  They also know their market, so when they had the opportunity to support an upcoming Building Engineer meeting in Chicago, they jumped at it. Not only did they create this overview movie, they conducted 5 interviews with Building Engineers who spoke about Airways work and played it at the meeting in place of the normal humdrum “sales pitch” of other vendors.

A Unique Selling Proposition That's Crystal Clear!

Pete Christman is an Investment Banking anomaly. While most firms main interest is: "How fast can we flip this business and make our dough?"  The Christman Group takes a longer term view of both the business and the business owner.  When you are going "against the grain" in a market with a truly Unique Selling Proposition, this sort of full-motion video interview can help people understand both you and your USP.

"Get It Right" Software User Tells All!

No matter how well we show how technology works, there is nothing quite as powerful as talking to a real user about their experience. That is what you have in this interview. Note that this is not a super-techie person. Just a regular person who learned very easily to use this software. The best kind of software Raving Fan!


Building trust through an "our founder" video

How can you "build trust" with people you have not yet met in person?  A brief video interview with you that allows people to "take your measure" can go a long way toward building that trust.  Watch this full-motion video interview with Chris Everett and see what you think. 

A photographer sells more than just photos!

A real master photographer is part artist and part psychologist. It is not enough to know lighting and cameras, you must also be an expert with people in order to get great photographs.  Such a photographer is Lee Balgemann.  So rather than just showing a portfolio of photographs as most would do, I interviewed Lee about "how" he goes about getting great photos.





















































































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