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Don't forget to reach your visual learners!

The vast majority of people are visual learners.  You can reach them best by converting your interview into a Flash movie!




Flash Movie Production 

Now that you have your powerful interview edited for sound -- be sure you help your "visual prospects" by creating a Flash movie of your Raving Fan story.


Have you noticed that most of the Raving Fan stories on this site open in a Flash Movie?

Did you know that the vast majority of people are VISUAL learners?  That is why we do not recommend that you rely solely on audio -- or even text transcriptions -- to carry your message.  The combination of audio and visual information together is quite powerful.  This is especially true when your Raving Fans may take many words to make a point.  We can put the most important point for the listener to get right up on the screen so that they cannot miss it.

Here is what we will do with your interview:

  • Create a PowerPoint template by "stealing."  We do not create original graphic designs.  We want your Flash movie to reflect the look and feel of your website.  So we "steal" graphics from your existing site and create a PowerPoint template.

  • Slide in a photo of your Raving Fan (and sometimes YOU!)  Putting a face to a voice is very powerful.  So we get a photo of your client to insert in the lower left hand side of the screen.  Sometimes, we will include a photo of YOU in the actual template, other times, you will simply be on one or two slides when we mention you by name.

  • Create reinforcing text. Sometimes what we put on the slides are direct quotes, those are easy to do.  But sometimes, it takes clients a while to get to the point, and you cannot always fix that with a sound edit.  So we will put up a slide that is a synthesis of the point we want the viewer to understand.  It can be a very powerful way to reinforce your message.

  • Product an AVI movie.  We will create a high resolution Flash movie in an AVI format that you can easily use directly from a PowerPoint if you are speaking.  You can also use these on a CD you may wish to give clients.

  • Produce a Flash movie.  We will also create a Flash movie you can easily put right on your website!

How do you get started?? 
Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below, complete the form, and then we will contact you.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

You don't like our work, we refund your money.  It is that simple.

Bill Metcalf



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