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For the folks who want a little more help, but still want to do it themselves.

Though I have tried to make my information products as self-sustaining as possible, I have to confess something.

It is really hard to "get outside yourself" enough to work on marketing totally on your own.  You need some outside perspective.  That is what you will find on this page.



Starter Kit Intro:
More than just testimonials!

Many people come to this site in search of the perfect testimonial. Here is the good news:  You can find exactly how to get what you need on this site.  Here is the even better news: You can harvest a great deal MORE value from talking to your customers than just testimonials alone.

How to use this starter kit. This starter kit is just that -- something to get you started on your way toward harvesting the value of your clients.  It is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment or to turn you into an expert.  But if you start this process by going through each of these three modules and really listening to the examples given, you will be well on your way.

There are three modules.  Each module will emphasize a particular principle, but you should also notice that each example we study is somewhat self-contained.  Each one includes a GREAT testimonial/success story.  As such, it will contain most of the core client value conversation principles.  But each example has been carefully chosen to illustrate a specific principle so that you can see how these stories can help you market way beyond the value of the testimonial itself.

Basic Client Value Conversation Principles:
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Establishing Your Client-Based Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
CFO Pro Case Study (Click Here to View) Almost every marketing book you read will tell you that you need a Unique Selling Proposition.  And most people try to develop this by asking themselves what they do that is valuable.  But who knows better what your true USP is than the people who are willing to pay you money for those services!  Although your clients are the best judge of your Unique Selling Proposition, you still have to drag it out of them and shape the proposition so that people recognize the value you provide.  That means getting to the real PAIN your customers have so that we see how your solutions work for them. 

"Do the Math!" -- Value Selling
CMIT Solutions Case Study (Click Here to View) Capturing your Raving Fan's stories in which you "Do the Math" to help them discover the real value of your services not only creates powerful testimonials, but also teaches you how you can sell your next prospect. Just imagine how much easier it would be if your clients closed every sale for you.  Just imagine if you never haggled over price. Just imagine if you actually enjoyed the "sales process" -- because it was not really a "sales process" at all.  It was simply a low key, but exciting, exploration of your clients' real needs.  Study this call and you will begin to see the vision of "Selling Value."

Overcoming Prospects Objections
CEO Focus Case Study (Click Here to View) Your customers were once your prospects.  And as a result, they understand how your prospects think better than you do.  When you dig into your value proposition with your best customers especially if you ask tough questions you will overcome your prospect's objections before they have a chance to sink your sale. 

Best of luck with your first Client Value Conversations!

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