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Welcome to More and Better Clients!

This site is focused upon ONE THING -- helping you to harvest the value of your best customers to grow your business. 

Some people think that means that this site is all about getting testimonials.  Well, you will most certainly learn how to get the most powerful testimonials you could ever imagine through the resources on this site. 

BUT this site is about much more that that.  Take a look around.  If you want to grow your business from the inside out so that ALL of your clients are also your BEST clients, then you have come the the right spot.        

Entrepreneurs, Professional Service Providers,
Consultants, and Coaches . . .

Get more clients.
Make better clients.
Develop Raving Fans.

If you provide superior quality services, and your clients LOVE what you do for them, but you cannot get enough GREAT clients to take you to the next level, then this is the place to learn:

The More and Better Clients
"Endless Stream" System

            Get MORE clients through Value Selling.
            Make BETTER clients through Client Value Conversations.
            Capture RAVING FAN testimonials to eliminate Fee Resistance.
            Develop EVANGELISTS who create an endless stream of referrals.
Private Coaching Programs
Does It For You!
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Where to next?
How do they do that?

Learn how YOU can master these powerful techniques for yourself, or take advantage of having someone else do them for you. Click here to visit "How We Work" next!

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