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For the folks who want a little more help, but still want to do it themselves.

Though I have tried to make my information products as self-sustaining as possible, I have to confess something.

It is really hard to "get outside yourself" enough to work on marketing totally on your own.  You need some outside perspective.  That is what you will find on this page.

Private Coaching  "50% of success is just showing up!"  Woody Allen might be right about that, but it really helps if you have someone who has been there and done that to help you take action.

What is your biggest marketing challenge?  My guess is that it fits into one of the categories below.  When I work with clients one-on-one, we select a particular challenge and then develop a plan to meet that challenge.  Once we have gotten results from our first efforts, we continue onto the next challenge and so on.  In other words, we are very project-oriented, and for each project we need to see a measurable return on investment.

Coaching differs from Consulting in that I am helping YOU to take action, as opposed to doing all the work myself based on input from you.  Just like a tennis coach, I am on the sidelines helping you with strategy, encouragement. and guidance.  Here are some of the main areas in which we might work together.

Creating Endless Referrals Evangelists
It is nice to have Raving Fans.  It is better to have EVANGELISTS who provide an endless stream of referrals.  To make this work you need the right combination -- the right client, in the right target market or community position, for whom you have created the "best practice" in their field, and a strategy to make referring you and telling your story a real WIN for your Evangelist. Think about who currently gives you referrals.  More than likely, there are a precious few of your clients who offer the most referrals.  Just imagine if they were Evangelists on Steroids!  What impact would that have on your business?

"Do the Math!" -- Value Selling
Just imagine how much easier it would be if your clients closed every sale for you.  Just imagine if you never haggled over price. Just imagine if you actually enjoyed the "sales process" -- because it was not really a "sales process" at all.  It was simply a low key, but exciting, exploration of your clients real needs.  Then you "Do the Math" with your clients to establish what those "needs" are really costing them in hard dollars.  Only THEN do we think about how you might solve their problems and compare it to the cost.  Then it is a simple "Go or No Go" decision.  If you can't really "Do the Math" to show the value of what you offer, you should NOT sell them your solution.  When you CAN do "Do the Math" and the value proposition is crystal clear, the CLIENT will close the sale for you.

Developing Lucrative Target Markets
Target markets scare some people.  They think they might be too limiting. They don't want to "put their eggs in one basket."  But the power of strong vertical markets in any marketing plan simply cannot be denied.  Becoming the "Big Fish" in a "Little Pond" of like-minded people means that prospects seek you out, rather than you chasing them.  Becoming a noted expert in a particular market means you can charge more for your services, and prospects come to your door pre-disposed to pay more because they see YOU as the expert.  Knowing who to market to also save you a ton of time and money as you do not blanket the world.  And target markets does not just mean "lawyers," or "retail stores," or "top executives," or any of the other standard descriptions you come across.  Target markets exist across categories, often based on similar needs, rather than their Standard Industry Code.  We will study your specific market and find the best ones to target and develop a plan to create an obscene market share for your services. 

Capturing Powerful Raving Fan Testimonials
Some of the best testimonials you will ever get come from having what I call "Customer Value Conversations."  I can help you learn to do these with clients throughout the lifetime of your relationship.  I can also help coach someone on your team to do the formal testimonial interviews.  There is no doubt about it -- people are more likely to "gush" when someone else asks the questions.  Then I can show you how these testimonials can be used in many marketing applications.

Establishing Your Client-Based Unique Selling Proposition
Although your clients are the best judge of your Unique Selling Proposition, you still have to drag it out of them and shape the proposition so that people recognize the value you provide.  That means getting to the real PAIN your customers have so that we see how your solutions work for them.  We discover this through both client interviews and by digging into your own story to create "Biographies that Sell."  No more boring "About Us" pages!

Developing Co-Marketing Opportunities with Clients
This is when it really gets exciting.  It takes more time to make these opportunities happen, but they can become literal fountains of new business.  What would happen if one of your clients brought you back to their professional or industry or community association and the two of you did a workshop, article, or teleseminar together?  Can you imagine the power of that?  These opportunities are usually NOT obvious.  But I can help you find them and create a strategy to pull them off.

Creating Information Products -- Becoming an Expert!
Imagine creating an information product that was literally wrapped around your testimonials.  By the time people have finished learning, they have also listened to a lengthy case study interview during which your Raving Fan sung your praises.  How do you do this without seeming like a crass used car salesman?  Ah, that is the secret we will discover together.

What is your pleasure?

Which of these marketing projects sound like YOU?
Everyone of them can be quite powerful.
You just need to decide to take action.

How does Private Coaching work?
Very simple.  We book 90-minute sessions to work on your marketing projects.  You can do these every week, or spread them out over time. You simply pay as you go.  The fee per session is $595.

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